The default template is the one that ships with the JSPWiki distribution. You're looking at it right now. Fairly minimalistic, clean and functional.

No need for a screenshot or a download file.

Thank you for checking it out.

There should be used string-variables within the default template and of course in other templates too.

see "Making Live easier - Use String-Variables within each JSP-File for Language-Translation!"


Remember, JPEG is affected by the '672 patent, see here for information about Forgent suing for royalties on it.


edit page#

while editing the tab "Help" could say "Edit Tags" or so instead just "Help".

however I'd prefer to have the EditPageHelp below the edit window, so when you edit you can look at it...

edit page - show categories#

since misspelling category names can be quite common, beside you might not know all categories by heart it would be nice to have a list of categoris in as one of the edit tabs.


default template#

what about having the BrushedTemplate as the default template?


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