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  • Authentication Database (PostgreSQL)
    • User and group tables
    • Authentication configuration
    • Servlet container realm configuration
  • JSPWiki Application
    • Directory layout and permissions
      • WAR file
      • Wiki pages
      • Wiki logs
  • Optimizations
    • Connecting Apache 2 to Tomcat
    • Serving static content from Apache
    • Pre-compiling JSPs
    • Running Tomcat & JSPWiki with a Security Manager
  • Deployment tools
    • SSH agent
    • Ant scripts

This is just a rough outline. I will be fleshing this out over the next few weeks. -- Andrew Jaquith

Comments and Discussion:#

(starts here...)

Operating system and servlet container #

Host access #

Directory layout #

Runtime security #

Runtime users #

Startup scripts #

Authentication #

Container-managed authentication #

Service minimization #

Tomcat hardening #

File permissions #

Servlet logs #

Servlet configuration directory #

Host-based firewall #

IPTables example #

PostgreSQL Database #

User and group tables #

Authentication configuration #

Servlet container realm configuration #

JSPWiki Application #

Directory layout and permissions #

WAR file #

Wiki pages #

At what level do you want this documentation? For programmers? For sophisticated, middle level or novice users?

Would it include things like how to put the file back into the war file so that the changes become active.

Note, I'm still learning, but from the LinuxInstallJBOSS page, it seems to me to have the changes to the properties file take affect you need to put them back in the war. Is this correct? Would this kind of knowledged be assumed on this type of page?

Here is another question? How do you update the war in a MS-Windows system? And, should this kind of info be on the page? If not, is it worth having a documentation for users that may want to use the wiki but do not work at these levels?

As I read JSP Wiki Plugins more today I noted you do have levels:
  • content authors
  • template developers
And from the JSP Wiki Documentationpage
  • users
  • administrators-site maintainers
  • developers

What other titles/levels do you use?

Also as you move forward on documentation, reading may be of help.

A main point on that page is:
A real need for structured documentation
Despite the joy and happiness tiki hackers demonstrate in the chaotic fertility on, there is a real need for a real classic linear documentation for easy reference. Many tiki contributors asked for a direction where they can help, and the fact is that such collaborative documentation work requires a strong focal point so people can work in effective synchronicity.

One of the strong points of JSP is that it is not chaotic. Your category idea is quite helpful. I'm just pointing out what tiki ran into and wondering if a further level of structure would help?

--Anthony Petrillo, 16-Apr-2006

Absolutely it would help. Unfortunately documentation is not my strong point - and most of my free time goes towards fixing bugs... We would definitely need someone with vision to start categorizing and organizing the documentation. He would not necessarily actually write the documentation, but just put it all in order, mark down things which are obsolete and just mark things that are needed. This would allow then others to start on actually writing the documentation...

-- JanneJalkanen

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