We are using this detailed edit page help in our wikis at the university. Based on our experiences, what users usually do wrong, we added special "WARNING" paragraphs. The original is in German, it was just translated, so please feel free to modify and improve this.

--ChristophSauer 14-Dec-2006

Weiterf├╝hrende Doku

Just write, this is a wiki. Formatted text can be made by special characters. See here how to do it:

I want

[1] headings [2] bold/italics/line breaks [3] links, new pages
[4] images and files [5] tables [6] footnotes/colors/source code embedding

Tip: Learn the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) to make editing wiki text easier. These shortcuts work in all Windows programs.

Like email...
You don't need to know this wiki's Text Formatting Rules. Just write text normally and add a blank line to start a new paragraph. You can write as easily as writing an email. Just check this page when you want to add a special formatting effect. Use the Sandbox to test how it works.

Instead of Email...
Instead of sending an email to a colleague, you can just make a wiki page [3], and copy a link to the page in your email. Also recommend to your colleague to use the wiki to discuss, edit, and share files.

[#1] Headers#

!Header                Small header with text 'Header'.
                       WARNING: The exclamation point must be the first character on the line!

!!Header               Medium header with text 'Header'.
                       WARNING: The exclamation points must be the first characters on the line!

!!!Header              Large header with text 'Header'.
                       WARNING: The exclamation points must be the first characters on the line!

[{TableOfContents title='Table Of Contents'}] 

Creates a header for table of contents.
This does not work for a header as __Header__

[#2] Simple formatting#

''text''               Italic 'text'.

__text__               Bold 'text'.
                       WARNING: Do not use for headers
                                -> see TableOfContents [1]

* text                 Makes a bullet list item with the text 'text'.
                       WARNING: The asterisk must be the first character in the line!

# text                 Makes a numbered list item with the text 'text'.
                       WARNING: The number sign must be the first character in the line!

\\                     Forced line break.
                       WARNING: Use sparingly
                                -> make sure a bullet list (*) is not better,   
                                   add a blank line to start a new paragraph.

----                   Horizontal rule
[http://www.google.de]            a hyperlink to a given website
                                  WARNING: http:// must start the address!

[Google | http://www.google.de]   a link to a given website
                                  with the description "Google"

[Agenda]                          a hyperlink to page "Agenda" in this wiki
                                  NEW PAGE: In case this page does not exist,
                                            the page will be created.
                                  WARNING:  The URL (page=X) will show the
                                            page's name

[#4] Embed pictures and upload files#

  1. Upload picture/file as attachment
  2. Memorize the name of image/file or copy it to clipboard (Ctrl+C -> copy, Ctrl+V -> paste)
  3. Put the name of the picture or file into the wiki text just as you would put a link.
[Sunrise.jpg]               Embeds the picture which is attached 
                            to the current page
                            WARNING: watch uppercase and lowercase letters!

[Sales_2005.pdf]            Links to an attached PDF document

[Images/Sunrise.jpg]        Embeds the picture Sunrise.jpg in the current page, but
                            attaches it to the page "Images"

[Reports/Sales_2005.pdf]    Link to the file Sales_2005.pdf,
                            attached on Reports page.

[{Image src='Sunrise.jpg' width='450' link='http://www.google.de'}] 
In this way, you have more control of the image display.

[#5] Tables#

|first|second          This is a table with one row and two columns with the
                       word "first" in the first column and "second" in the second.
                       On the second line and beyond, just continue making cells
                       in the same way.
                       WARNING: 1. The pipe | must be the first character on the line
                                2. Tables are not closed with |
                                   -> |first|second| is wrong

||H1  ||H2

                       A double pipe splits each header cell
                       WARNING: If you want an empty table cell, be sure to put a
                                space between two pipes, so "| |" and not "||".


[1]                    Reference to footnote with number 1

[#1]                   Marker of footnote number 1.

;term;def              Citation indentation, described 'term' with 'def'.

This text is red.

                       With this command you can change the text color, in this case to red.
                       WARNING: Use sparingly - it is bad style
                                to use too many colors.
                                Concentrate on the content,
                                leave the design to the website's designer.

Right-hand menu

                       Make a small box on the right side of the page
                       with the content "Right-hand menu".  It can also be
                       a comment or a "right-hand" menu.

Source code: (especially interesting for programmers)

If you put three curly brackets around text, that text will
not be interpreted by the wiki parser, like ! * __ etc.
For source code for programmers


InterWiki Links

[Google:Heilbronn]                Search in Google for the term Heilbronn.
                                  This is only an example for an InterWiki link,
                                  these links are defined beforehand and point at 
                                  one particular page.

The following InterWiki links are defined for this wiki:

WikiWikiWeb --> http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?%s, JSPWiki --> http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=%s, Doc --> http://doc.jspwiki.org/2.6/wiki/%s, Wikipedia --> http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/%s, TWiki --> http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/%s, Google --> http://www.google.com/search?q=%s, MeatballWiki --> http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?%s, Edit --> Edit.jsp?page=%s

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