I found a bug on line 231 of Table.java: It should say:

 cell.registerEnd( sb, i );     // previously:   cell.registerEnd( sb, i-1 ); 

The bug would manifest itself in JSPWiki 2.8.3 in cases like this:


| Moo
| Hello
| Cow

The output was:

  | Moo | Hell | Cow |     <-- Note the "Hell" not "Hello"

With the fix, we have:

  | Moo | Hello | Cow |    <-- "Hello" as expected.   

I didn't know the proper way to go about submitting a patch, but it's a 1-liner. Thanks for a nice plugin!


Jon, let's move this discussion to the TablePlugin page itself.
Anyway, I noticed that the bug only appears in the sneak-preview window, and seems not to appear when the page is saved and regularly viewed. Do you see the same effect ? --DF


I am experimenting to use JSPWiki in an environment to capture business processes and use cases. Collaborating business brains and IT brains.

JSPWiki is great and simple tool. Congratulations and tnx for making it (for free) !!


Congratuations on a very nice template. I think I just might be forced to update our wiki's to use BrushedTemplate as soon as you get an updated zip posted. The use of CSS and javascript is always a mystery to me, if those examples work as well as they sound I'd say they shoudl get added to the standard distro. Congratuations again! --JohnV

Dirk; I don't know how to contact you, but let me know if it's okay if I use some of this stuff in the stock JSPWiki distro?

-- JanneJalkanen

No problemo. JSPWiki is free, so are all my contributions. --Dirk Frederickx

Hi Dirk

Sorry to add rubbish to your wiki page, but I can't seem to find a discussion area on BrushedTemplate. Where do you like people to add questions/comments and bug reports to? Have a look in BrushedTemplateDiscussion

I actually have been using MediaWiki template for 2.2.33, but I'm trying out 2.3.74... and yours looks like its jumping ahead of the game in leaps an bounds

Great Work!

-- GWP

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Hi Dirk. I want to use your Template as fundamental part for my diploma thesis. Of course, I reference your site in my thesis. Is it OK for you?

--Jurij Bernhardt, 17-Oct-2006

Please do, I feel really honored ! Tell us more what it is all about, and why the template and jspwiki is essential to you ? --DF

Thank you. My thesis is about an agil distributed software development tool. I kann tell about it later.
I have only 40 days until finished. I use the Wiki for an prototyp.
P.S.: My english is very bad. I know. --Jurij Bernhardt

Hi Dirk,

You did a great job on brushed template. I like it very much.

Just one thing: where is 'reset passwd by email' page? This function is probably usful and it is provided by default template, but I cannot find it if I applied your brushed template.

Or maybe you could also add a jsp page to let user change their passwd themself?

--Suen, 22-Mar-2007

Thanks again!

Plse post these topics on BrushedTemplateDiscussion. That's were all changes are tracked. --DF


I am using JSPWiki version 2.5.139 at home.
In this version your Table Plugin is not implemented so I want it to install again.

But when I look at the Wiki Page for your plugin I can't find a link or instruction on how to install, or I am looking over it.

Or is this Plugin not competable with the 2.5 beta versions?

With regards,

Ronald van Maanen, 2007-10-21

--Ronald van Maanen , 21-Oct-2007

Plse read the installation instructions, which are included in the TablePlugin page. The plugin is compatible with v2.5.xx. --DF

I'm also having problems with the Tableplugin in JSPWiki 2.6.3. I receive this error: Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin Table

I made sure the Table plugin was referenced in the jspwiki.properties search path. Also, the Table.jar file is installed in the WEB-INF/lib directory. Please advise. Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin TablePlugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin Table
-Rick Mattier 2008-07-07

Something is probably wrong with your searchpath property. Check out the installation instruction carefully. And plse post you questions on the TablePlugin discussion tab. --DF

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