This is actually a pretty neat idea that works with file based Wiki.

The screen shows two boxes, one for the Wiki page to delete and a password box. If the page is there and the password is correct it will delete the file, old versions and any attachments.

Thanks to THUONGNM and JoelConfino for the original code!!

I've changed it to work with the current template structure. In the zip file you will find Debug.jsp that goes in the root directory. There are two files that need to go into the template directory. ViewTemplate.jsp is a big switchboard, it decides what to show based on the context. DeleteContent.jsp is the form. (The one marked fxs, should work with the mgr template, but you should check it first)


  1. This will delete any page you give it
  2. It will delete all traces of the page
  3. You should pick a better password than p4ssw0rd (Yes, the password should be in the property file)

Tested with 2.0.52


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