Denial of Service#

Basically, bombarding a networked host with enough tcp/ip packets to render it incapable of doing what it's supposed to.

(Someone in the know tell us more. Any service can be DoS'ed correct? Do the attacks rely more on overloading the kernel IP stack, system I/O, socket connections, threads...?)

What you described above is just one form of DoS -attack, typically caused by ping flooding. The simplest form of Denial of Service attack is probably cutting the ethernet wire with scissors :-).

Denial of Service attacks take many forms, and it is quite unlikely that you could write a service that was DoS -proof.

In the JSPWiki context it would be possible to, for example, upload text files so big, they would fill up the available disk space, making it impossible for the computer to log things, for example. That would be one form of DoS -attacking.


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