Business application developers should concentrate on the business logic not on the technical details was one of the slogans of EJB.

But what are they exactly hidding ?

They provide transparent framework style facilities like transaction management, rmi, security and so on. You still have to deal with technical details of the underlying system primitives. E.g: Talk in terms of databases, connections, sessions, low level programming structures.

A language is an interface like a another, and should be designed for the user and not the otherway around.

In fact the java language is a mechanical languages very wel suited for precise programming like algorithms and limited devices. But not so good for ad-hoc, last minute and ever changing business logic.

The goal of language-oriented (or simular intentional programming) is reducing the gap between development and conceptualization. By first creating a DSL which is a one-to-one mapping between concept and implementation.

Forces like meta-programming (program the programmer), declarative programming (say what not how) and more and more advancer applications put the domain specific language back in the picture.

It's clear that these developments belong to the more innovating branch. Especially if you consider languages who belong to the business domain.

In the rest of this article I will try to convince the reader that DSL are in fact a valuable design options and give some development starters.

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