!!! ''Abandoned'' (due to lack of time & critical need)

Forget JHotDraw folks... I just found [JGraphpad|http://www.jgraph.com/] and it ROCKS!  This plugin is still on my radar screen, I've been busy at work, and I'm jazzed about JGraphpad in general.  Really slick, really well done. Bravo to them!!!

A JGraphpad based applet is central to this plugin, drawing data storage done as files attached to a special page named {{~DrawingFiles}} thus leveragin file attachment versioning and keeping pages smaller as well as allowing the same drawing to be shown on multiple pages without duplication.

Actually two related plugins:
* {{~DrawingPlugin}} Defines a drawing, view or link to it. View inlines the image, Link generated a hyperlink that would open the editor.
* {{~ListDrawingsPlugin}} Generates a list of all drawings that exist.

!Proposed Syntax
* {{[[{~DrawingPlugin name=foobar action=''( __view__ | link)''}]}} 
* {{[[{~ListDrawingsPlugin}]}}

!Drawing Plugin Generated HTML
    <img src='imageUrl'/><br/>
    <a 'appletLaunch'>Edit</a> - Last changed on 'lastEditDate' by 'lastEditUser'.<br/>

Possibly the img to have an image hotspot map? so individual drawing elements can act as hyperlinks?

!List Drawings Plugin Generated HTML
        <li><a 'appletLaunch'>'drawingName'</a> - 'drawingDescription'</li>

For cataloguing what exists in a nice summary form.

!!Refactoring Buffer (old related bit's & pieces)...

# Other authors: [Bertrand Delacretaz], [JanneJalkanen], [ebu]
## A proposal for a DrawingPlugin, and...
## A consensus(?) that using attachments to store the image data would be better than keeping image data 'inline' in the page.
# Bertands link above lead me to [http://wiki.cocoondev.org/Wiki.jsp?page=GraphicalWikiDream] need to read and digest ideas... Later, lots of outlinks nothing that is immediatly useful though... Planning to proceed with JGraphpad as editor (SVG stuff too weird and goofy!)

Could it be done inline, meaning embedded in the page rather than in a separate
applet? I'm thinking for doing something similar to PowerPoint and for UML
diagrams. Having to invoke an external editor might not be liked by users.
Or would it be possible for some wiki pages to be applets that mimic normal
wikiness, but allow extended functionality? Don't know, but i have been thinking
lately to make a true editable web of information richer content has to be
supported. We have people that do diagrams, do ppt, but none of it stays linked
together. Imagine a high level design that was in wiki, contained diagrams, and
remained link to the source, etc.