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ebu is an effective wiki deployer and enthusiastic, but forgetful user; also, a slow, buffered developer.

For info, you could try here or emailing if you really need to.

To do#

  • Auth JSP filter (remove auth from every single JSP)
  • Auth tags (eval-body-if-else)
  • Comment field for attachments?
  • test case for jspwiki.tld addition
  • Help with JSPWiki documentation
  • Signal api to update ReferenceManager without container restart
  • Pool for plugins and translatorreaders
  • search improvements
  • who-is-logged-in plugin?
  • access rule visualization options
  • auth admin page
  • auth user page (related to user preferences; change personal password)

Hey ebu
Could you please post a compiled version of your Wiki Forms Plugin. Im good in java-programming. I use the 2.1.86-alpha of JSP-Wiki.

Thanks Heinz-Josef L├╝cking

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