EmailGenerator is part of the [Hula] package developed by [MahlenMorris]. It generates the emails using the [NotificationList] page. See [that page|NotificationList] for instructions on what format the program expects.
What should be different?

*[MahlenMorris]: Add ability to override the name of the email sender (i.e., it appears to be sent by, say, "Your Wiki Admin").
*[MahlenMorris]: Can still mess up timer if server is down through midnight.
*[MahlenMorris]: Need default NotificationList.txt file in distribution.
*[MahlenMorris]: If there are no changes, don't report the page. This can happen when the page gets changed back to the way it had been previously.
I try to use the EmailGenerator and I resolved the XML parsing problem (described below). But now, when I start the EmailGenerator ''./'' there is no information if the EmailGenerator starts.\\
The emailgenerator.log is empty and there is no console entry (including error messages).\\
So I don't know what to do, because I don't receive any mail.
--Leif 2007-07-18\\
Hmm..If I remove the logfilename-entry in the I now get logmessages on the console. Maybe a bug in the logger? Now it works. --Leif 2007-17-18
I try using the Email Generator with either 2.0.52 or 2.1.86 and I run into all sorts of XML parsing problems. Errors range from
# Fatal error parsing XML: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: end tag </HEAD> does not match begin tag <meta>
# Fatal error parsing XML: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: invalid Character Entitiy
# Thu Jun 17 15:03:01 MST 2004: Unable to contact server. Exception was: String index out of range: 255

I manually fixed many of the XHTML type problems and was left with the last two problems. I suspect I am doing something fundamentally wrong. Suggestions please?  Thanks!
Sherman Mohler,

*''I am getting similar issues...except that they don't refer to tags that exist in the HTML document.  I'm unclear as to where to look for the error --[MikeCornell]''

!I've solved the fatal error parsing XML problem, here's how.

(Tomcat 5.5; JSPWiki 2.0.52)
*Edit the  JSPWiki web.xml file, uncommenting the section labelled "uncomment to enable RPC".
*Make sure you don't have any security restrictions (I made the mistake of putting a login on all pages; this didn't work and I had to change this to just on editing).
*Restart tomcat
*Check the URL "http://yoursite/JSPWiki/RPC2/" - you should get "We do not support HTTP GET here.  Sorry." which indicates it's running.
*Edit the hula file and update wiki.url to be "http://yoursite/JSPWiki/RPC2/" as above
*Create your NotificationList page
*Start with (nb. on Java 5 on linux I had to recompile EmailGenerator adding a check to ignore blank command-line arguments - bizarre)
*Check /tmp/emailgenerator.log
-- SteveS

*I'm running JSPWiki on an internal system and would like to use the emailGenerator? Can I get the code for this? -- [RossGardler]
**[MahlenMorris] You sure can, just got to [Hula] and pull down the latest, the source should be there. Can't say that I've really put much work into delivering a build system, though...
What happens if I edit [RecentChanges]? :-) --[JanneJalkanen]

It should be reported, same as usual. ''RecentChanges'' is a code word (set in the properties file) that means "all pages that have changed in the last 24 hours". It doesn't actually look at the RecentChanges page. So i guess that's one limitation in how I've set it up; you can't specifically track changes to just the RecentChanges page. Again, if one were to set the value in the property file differently, you could even do that. --[MahlenMorris]

Hm. Isn't that keyword redundant? If you just mark no page (i.e. have just your e-mail address on the line), wouldn't it make sense to interpret that as RecentChanges? --[JanneJalkanen]

I could certainly do that. However, i think we still need the phrase, since otherwise you couldn't say, "I want all pages, but I want special treatment for these others." Plus now you can say ''RecentChanges!''.


''[DuncanMcGregor]'' -- v 1.7.10 comes with whole heaps of javax.mail stuff. Is their anything we should know on this subject?

[JanneJalkanen]:  Umm... No, not really.  1.7.10 comes accidentally with javax.mail.  I happened to have the libraries around when building, so the got included there even though they're not really needed.  But you'll need them if you want to use [log4j]'s mailing capability, so it's not that much of a loss =).

''[DuncanMcGregor]'' -- Except the 2 hours it took to FTP from home ;-). Never mind, they're there now.

[ebu]: Note that mime-multipart handling requires javax.mail.* and javax.activation.*, so the libraries will be necessary for
attachments, too.


No documentation for this important plugin?

--Cosmin, 31-Aug-2006

It's in the package.