For quite some time I have the idea that email might be used as a simple, thin-client input application for lots of things. I found out (the hard way) that I simply cannot keep the discipline to fill in todo lists, time sheets ....

Sending an email is common (we all send several per day), easy & granny-proof, and has a very low psychological treshold. So, if I could enter new data by just sending an email, there's a better chance that crucial data is actually entered.

There are several approaches possible to allow EmailInput in a wiki.

  • Periodically poll a pop3 server for incoming messages and process these. (Inside the wiki engine or as a separate script/application)
  • Listen to the SMTP port and implement the SMTP protocol.
  • Configure the mail server to pipe incoming mails to a script and have that enter the mails into the wiki.
  • Use apache james as mail server and use a WikiMailet to enter new Data in the wiki.

The last one is probably not the most simple solution in terms of setup and configuration, but it's very flexible and robust. Of course, people not using James as a mail server would be better served with option 1 or so. The good thing is that the main handling routines for the mailet also use the JavaMail API so most of the code could be used in the 2 cases.

-- GeertVanDamme

I have done something on the same line. Probably you can have a look at it and extend it further. This is the link to that work.

Do respond if we can do something better on this.

Thanking You Kiran Thakkar

--Kiran, 01-Nov-2006

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