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Okay all, please forgive me for the state of the code but it was a quickie plugin. Please point out to me any issues that you see or encounter in it.

I've got a few things about this plugin that I'd like some feedback on...


One instance per wiki right? Maybe some issues with use of static Maps with differing classloaders depending what lib the jar is placed in... fuzzy confuse thinking here on my part. I don't think I care about this right now, but if someone with a clue could tell me that all is well I'd appreciate it.


There is an issue where if you bring your wiki down and restart it, the email notifier does not start until the page that the plugin is defined on is accessed. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it started automatically after a restart? I purposly made it tolerant of repeated and heavy execution so it could be defined on LeftMenu or LeftMenuFooter or the Main page.


I think it's fairly well behaved but I'd like someone to glance over the handling of the NotifierThread and check my synchronization guards around the execution and parameter updating. Also I believe that the sleep interrput cycle as I have it coded is reasonbale but criticisms are welcome.

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