This filter replaces :-), ;-) ... by emoticon images.


Simply type ;-) in the text area.


Merge the included filters.xml with yours or copy it into WEB-INF/classes.

You also need to place emoticons in your "images/emoticons" Folder and adapt filters.xml if your names differ from mine.

I copied my icons from where it looks like they are free for non commercial use.

Notice and Download

  • for JSPWiki v2.4 and before use version 0.2
    During testing i found a bug in the parsing of the filters.xml file in JSPWiki v2.1.106-cvs. Some values were truncated. Attached you will find a patch to fix this. filter_patch.diff(info)
  • for JSPWiki v2.6 and above use version 0.3
  • Emoticon Images from
KOLOBOK offers some nice emoticons free for private use. They're already being used in many forums, instant messengers and more. If anyone wants to use these with JSPWiki and adapts EmoticonsFilter to them (no big thing!), it would be nice to make the results available here ;-)


The source code is included in the zip files.

Question: Invision Things is now dead. Is there another way to get the images? --ChuckSmith

Answer: I have added - I had previously downloaded these.

Question: I am using this filter using JSPWiki 2.6 and it does not work. How do I debug? Is there any extra logging I can enable? --Praful

Answer: Filter API has changed in JSPWiki 2.6. I've updated EmoticonsFilter and uploaded it as version 0.3. --FlorianHoleczek

Forcing emoticon to have a Wiki like specification.

I added this plugin to JSPWiki v2.8.4 and it kind of worked fine. However, I did not like the fact that it would translate any sequences of characters that matched an emoticon into its image, even if that sequence of characters was within triple braces. So I changed the "filters.xml" to force emoticons to be specified like this:


I actually included in the "filters.xml" the open and close square and brace parentheses. So if some code has a colon followed by a close parenthesis it won't be interpreted as an emoticon.

--Gerard Perreault, 2011-01-25

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