So there is this issue, you use camel-case page names, which of course means the words are scrunched together and there are no delimiters between them. In this case this page is about L-u-c-en-e, obviously. But this page doesn't contain the word l-u-c-e-n-e. It is of course in the page title though.

So you seach the wiki for l-u-c-e-n-e. And (rightly so) l-u-c-e-n-e does not allow "prefix" searches like '*Something' So since this page doesn't contain the work l-u-c-e-n-e anywhere but in the title, does it get found?


Yes it does get found, because the work l-u-c-e-n-e is in the title, and the titles are broken up and fed to the indexer. As was pointed out by MahlenMorris there is still another CamelCase related problem though (see PseudoProblemSearchingWithLucene for discussion).

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