parameter	default	comments
src		required; the name of the spreadsheet; either a full path to the file, a URL to the file, or the bare name of the file (if it is attached to the "current" wiki page).
height		row height, in (later)
width		column width, in (later)
border		between-cell border, in pixels
cellpadding		space between the content and the "cell wall"
cellspacing		space between cells
background		background image
backgroundcolor		background color of the table
headercolor	#000000 (black)	text color for the data from row 1 of the spreadsheet
headerbackgroundcolor		background color of data from row 1 from the spreadsheet
evenrowcolor	#000000 (black)	colors for the even-numbered rows
oddrowcolor	#000000 (black)	colors for the odd-numbered rows
tableclass	exceltable	if you want to use CSS, you can use (and set) these classes
headerclass	exceltableheader	
evenrowclass	exceltableevenrow	
oddrowclass	exceltableoddrow	
stylesheet		the name of your stylesheet (I haven't tested this)


Possibly: ExcelToHTMLPlugin

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