The plugin uses the [Java Excel API|] to export a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into an XML file of the following format:

         <column>cell data</column>

The file is stored in the same location as the source spreadsheet and only regenerated if modified. A XSLT is then applied to the exported XML to generate the tabbed HTML view.

! Installation 
*~Copy the attached class file into (The source is also attached if you are interested)
*~Copy the attached XSL file to your JSPWiki root
*~Download the Excel Java API from [] (tested with version 2.5.4). Copy the {{jxl.jar}} from the distribution to your {{<jspwiki>/WEB-INF/lib}} directory
*~Download Xalan from []. Copy {{serializer.jar, xalan.jar, xml-apis.jar and xercesImpl.jar}} from the distribution to your {{<jspwiki>/WEB-INF/lib}} directory.

! Usage
The following is an example usage for the plugin:

{{{[{INSERT excel='D:/temp/test.xls'}]}}}
[{INSERT excel='C:/temp/aaa.xls'}]

''Note, the path to the spreadsheet must be absolute. Feel free to change the plugin if you require it to work with URLs or make tea.''

[- mashooq -|MashooqBadar]


-- 5/11/04 [NT|]:\\
If you have problems getting it to work (running on JBoss), you may have to do two things:
# Hardcode variable ''"root"'' to the full pathname of the ~JspWiki root location.
# ''transformer.setParameter'' cannot handle ''null'' parameters, so must handle it to send "", instead. %%(color:green) (-- 06/22/04 I have updated the attached  class to send "" instead of ''null'' -mashooq-)%%

Thanks for all your help, Mashooq!

I have some interest in using this plugin.. but the whole hardcoded path thing is a real pain... I was hoping to be able to attach an spreadsheet to a page .. then be able to view it via the plugin.

Is there any other interest in getting this feature changed??

[Rob Schramm]


Take a look at ExcelToHTMLPlugin - I contributed this a couple of years ago, not sure why it doesn't show up under ContributedPlugins ... Anyway, it does handle attachments.

[Rich Freedman]



is there a Word version of this plugin available?

--AnonymousCoward, 11-Dec-2006