What it does#

The Exploded Table Filter is a PageFilter that allows a new table syntax. This syntax is:
cell 1, 1
cell 1, 2
cell 2, 1
cell 3, 1
cell 3, 2
cell 3, 3

This would be translated into :

|cell 1, 1|cell 2, 1|cell 3, 1
|cell 1, 2||cell 3, 2
|||cell 3, 3

You can get header cells by prepending a '|' to the appropriate cells.

Note that the last ||| must have a newline after it!


As my wiki grows, I find myself rearranging the tables in it all the time. The original table syntax got to be a real headache, and error prone. So, I developed this new syntax, and a filter that translates it into the native JSPWiki table format.

Technical Details#

This filter has the side effect of converting all newline sequences to the native newline sequence of the server platform.


Drop the JAR in your lib directory, and update your filter XML file. That should be it. The source code and JAR are below as attachments. The filter XML file should look something like this:
<?xml version="1.0"?>


Please note any bugs or suggestions here. I have tested it extensively on JSPWiki 2.1.103 and Resin 2.1. Let me know if you find any issues.

-- Bradford Holcombe

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