[{InsertPage page='SecurityRisk'}]


This plugin allows you to insert the contents of an external web page into a JSPWiki page. 


The plugin uses __HTTP 1.1__ and supports a __proxy server__. 

It supports X509 __server certificates__ and __client authentication__. 

It is __possible to include only a part of the page__ and to replace or remove parts of it. 

The plugin has a __follow-links__ feature. This allows that all internal links from the page included will also be shown in the JSPWiki page when selected by the user. Even __form answers__ from __POST__ and __GET requests__ will be shown inside the JSPWiki page! 

With the help of the __depth__ parameter you can specify how many link layers from the include page should be available and shown inside the JSPWiki page.

!!More Information and Download

Detailed __installation and usage instructions__ can be found on [DataCore's|http://datacore.ch] Open Source Webserver [http://open.datacore.ch/] in the [JSPWiki InsertPagePlugin|http://open.datacore.ch/DCwiki.open/Wiki.jsp?page=InsertPagePlugin] section. If you're interested in more, you can find other JSPWiki plugins on the [JSPWiki page|http://open.datacore.ch/DCwiki.open/Wiki.jsp?page=JSPWiki].


I'll have to try this when I get a chance, looks like ti could be useful.  Especially to tie a wiki tighter to an intranet.  Sort of woudl let the wiki be "portal-like".  Maybe a better name would be something like {{HtmlScraperPlugin}} or something?  {{ExtendedInsertPagePlugin}} is a bit unwieldy, and {{InsertPage}} is only for within one's own wiki.  This is fundamentally different, so I'd reccomend a name change.  Cool plugin.  --JohnV

I installed this plugin and it didn't work on my v2.4.102 instance. Looked like the last work on this plugin was back in 2004. Also, there is no source accessable (the links are broken). I'll see if I can put something together. --DaveWolf

Dave, I've got most of an [InterWikiPlugin|http://www.altheim.com/ceryle/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=InterWikiPlugin] complete, which would use [XML-RPC] to exchange information between JSPWiki instances (where both have XML-RPC enabled). The only issue is that I'd just gotten it running with the old XML-RPC code and haven't updated it for Janne's recent changes. My plugin implemented all the methods of the old XML-RPC RPCHandler — I'd got stuck dealing with multiple timezones for the InterWiki RecentChanges functionality. Even an ''~InterWikiDiff'' is in the works. Not sure how long you can wait, but I'm likely to release an update in a month or two. -- MurrayAltheim, 25-Apr-2007