This plugin allows you to insert the contents of an external web page into a JSPWiki page. 


The plugin uses __HTTP 1.1__ and supports a __proxy server__. 

It supports X509 __server certificates__ and __client authentication__. 

It is __possible to include only a part of the page__ and to replace or remove parts of it. The plugin has a __follow-link__ feature. This means that all internal links from the page included will also be shown in the JSPWiki page when selected by the user. Also __form answers__ from __POST__ and __GET requests__ will be shown inside the JSPWiki page. 

With the help of the __depth__ parameter you can specify how many link layers from the include page should be shown inside the JSPWiki page.

!!More Information and Download

Detailed __installation and usage instructions__ can be found on [DataCore's|http://datacore.ch] Open Source Webserver [http://open.datacore.ch/] in the [JSPWiki InsertPagePlugin|http://open.datacore.ch/DCwiki.open/Wiki.jsp?page=InsertPagePlugin] section. If you're interested in more, you can find other JSPWiki plugins on the [JSPWiki page|http://open.datacore.ch/DCwiki.open/Wiki.jsp?page=JSPWiki].