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Anyone can edit my pages, even when I put an ALLOW tag on the page that should prohibit editing.


  • Make sure the person editing the page is not a JSPWiki Administrator (bypassing all ACL processing). Check User Preferences => Profiles
  • Check your admin/SecurityConfig.jsp, it tells you all about your security configuration, see this example output(info). To use this jsp, you should first put jspwiki-x.securityconfig.enable=true in
  • Check your JSPWiki logs after increasing the debug levels. You configure your logging in (<= version 2.8), or via WEB-INF/classes/ (>= version 3.0). You should have a jspwiki.log and a security.log
  • Make sure you don't get a cached copy of the page (either from your browser cache, or from a proxy). Clear your browser cache, and force a page reload.

I have a rather restrictive policy for my wiki having a default that only allow authorized users to view pages. I have a couple of pages that should be public, and I added ALLOW view All to them, but that does not work.

With page ACL's you can only further restrict permissions, and not widen them up.

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