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  • Q: Has anybody been able to get the Forum Plugin 1.0 to work with JSPWiki 2.0.52?? It seems like alot of the internal Wiki code is no longer relevant?
  • Q: is UndefinedPagesPlugin can developed not only list the UndefinedPages,but also list in which pages these UndefinedPages linked.
    like this:
  • Q: I want to put the access count plugin into every page of my site. I tried adding the plugin entry under templates/Footer.jsp file, since jsp files are compiled my plugin entry is just spit out as a normal text. Any ideas, how to make a change in the template files, so that all my wiki pages will have the access control plugin

Blank page for my forum#

Hi All!

I tried to install the plugin for the forum but, after doing everything in the tutorial, the page is blank.

I changed the baseUrl in the, I created the folders with the good content in each case, and I executed the script for the database.

May I forget something ?

Thanks for your help.

--Ludovic (French), 05-Feb-2007

I have also faced the same problem..after configuration..I got Blank this a bug in provided plugin??

--Jagdish Chauhan, 28-Apr-2007

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