Hi, Iam using fckeditor in jspwiki. Can I save the content that i enter through fckeditor to Database? can anybody plz let me know how to acheive this?

thanks deepthi

General questions about JSPWiki#

How recent are Recent Changes?#

Janne : We just basically look at the modification time of each file, then show them in reversed order. Currently the cutoff point is at 60 days, but you can see a full list of all changes at FullRecentChanges.

Really, a better solution is needed, since if a page gets modified twice, it can only be seen once. This should be solved when we move things under version control anyway.

Asser: I thought that you hide other modifications on purpose :) I like this current feature since it keeps the list more compact.

Janne: Well, I'll keep it then that way, even though we've moved to version control anyway. :-)

Murray: Actually, while it's not necessary to note when a single author has made multiple edits, it's nice to see when there have been multiple authors working on a document. If the last author masks the input of the previous ones, it hides author's names from those scanning RecentChanges for input from specific people, so it's harder to tell if a conversation is going on.

How do I delete a page?#

Simple. Just put a link to the page DELETEME as the first item on your page, and at some point the administration will delete these pages. Proper deletion support will be available in 2.2. (do not use the normal DELETEME Link, because this page should not be shown in the delete wish list)

Discussion of how administrators can delete a page is in PageDeletion

How do I rename a page?#

By creating a new topic, copying everything over, and deleting the old one?
I believe this method really breaks the trust that is (in most circumstances) necessary to operate a wiki. Following the advice means all the version and creator attribution history will be lost. I think adding a Rename Page funtionality might the the most urgent things to do. I am sad that I lack the abilities to contribute this. -- Gregor Hagedorn - 2005-08-30

Page renaming is available in 2.3.

-- JanneJalkanen

What are the future plans for this site?#

Janne: I started this originally for myself as a repository of information. Then I realized this might be useful for others as well, and decided to invite people I knew. This even might work as a general, company-wide information repository. So this is actually a working site, not just demonstration.

What happens if two people try to edit and save concurrently? Last one to save wins? #

First one to save wins, the next guy gets a warning and a note telling that you should check what changed and try a re-edit. Thus

far it has never happened. BTW, you don't explicitly need to break lines using two backslashes on their own lines. Use just an empty line. The effect is the same. --JanneJalkanen

Where do I find the source code?#

You can download the JSPWiki distribution package, including a war-file and the source code from JSPWikiDownload.

How do I add a new Wiki page?#

Create a link that points to a new (not existing) page using its WikiName. Click question mark (?) after the new link and you will get an editor for the new page.

The reason for this is that linking between WikiPages is the way that people find to these pages. If a page is not linked to, nobody can find it and it is thus useless. By forcing people to create a link first, you encourage people to link more and more. In fact, whenever you write something that you think someone could write an explanation for, just make it a hyperlink. Someone will pick it up, someday.

Never ever try to force people to work a certain way. They rather walk away than to submit to your way of thinking! See quote from CreatingNewPage: "Update: wiki usage is up considerably after adding the create new page feature."
-- Reinhard Engel, 2004-11-10

How does JSPWiki compare to other java based Wikis?#

I am pondering the possibility of installing a Wiki on a site I run. Well, I actually have already decided I will, so now I am looking at different implementations. My hosting provider supports perl, python, php and java, so I can really use anyone. However, since the rest of the site is JSP based I prefer to use a JSP based Wiki if possible. I'd like to know which are the advantages or features of JSPWiki as compared to other JSP WikiWikiWeb:WikiWikiClones. How easy is it to modify the editing markers, for example? --VictorJalencas PS: BTW, I have just seen all the RPC hooks in the JSPWikiDevelopment page... seems like I am almost decided ;)

MahlenMorris: I hope you aren't expecting to get some sort of unbiased answer from the people who hang out here. :)

Well, the reasons I chose to use JSPWiki over others were:

  • It's in Java. I'm currently most adept at Java coding, so any modifications i might need to make would be easier in Java. Admittedly, i haven't actually coded any modifications to JSPWiki, but I have tracked down a bug or two.
  • It's under active development. None of the other Java-based Wiki Clones that i could find were. It means you don't have to fix/add every new feature yourself.
  • I like the Wiki syntax of JSPWiki. It hasn't been allowed to get too convoluted, which is important to me, since my user base is somewhat naive and easily bewildered.

Since I adopted it, the XML-RPC server stuff that Janne put in has grabbed my brain and shook it like a wet kitten, inspiring me to start my first FreeSoftware project, Hula. I haven't even had time to implement some of my wackier ideas using that, but stay tuned.

Plus, hey, Janne's been a joy to intercontinentally work with. So that's why I'm using JSPWiki.

MahlenMorris: One of my former co-workers saw this page in his install of JSPWiki and objected to being referred to as "somewhat naive and easily bewildered" by association. So, to be clear, I wasn't talking about him ;)

Which is the proper page to ask for support?#

I have some trouble making JSPWiki work. Is there such page as InstallingJSPWiki? --VictorJalencas

Now there is :-). That's a good place, as far as I'm concerned. --JanneJalkanen

For development, please see the pages starting from JSPWikiDevelopment. For user support, please see JSPWikiSupport. Many people seem to like to put their questions on StupidQuestions...

Why is RecentChanges very slow?#

Are you using RCSFileProvider or VersioningFileProvider? If yes, then the reason is that JSPWiki has to go and find the author for each page separately. Especially with RCSFileProvider, this can take some time.

The solution is to enable the CachingFileProvider, which keeps a list of recently used pages and author information in memory. In JSPWiki 2.0 this is enabled via the 'jspwiki.usePageCache' configuration option.

Would creating folders and subfolders for the contents translate into a hierarchy?#

No. JSPWiki uses an entirely flat file structure for pages. The different PageProviders may use subdirectories, but these are not visible to the user.

This is actually a conscious decision: Wikis are flat by nature, and if you want to have a hierarchy, then what you need to do is to define the pages by hand. This is actually very useful - for example, see JSPWikiDevelopment for a page that contains all pages that have something to do with JSPWiki development.

Dot based page names, and pattern based index/search could bring this kind of service :
ex. of page name : Projects.RocketLauncher.UserStories.us_1, ... --AlainRavet

Yes. You can easily "simulate" hierarchies by using dots, but JSPWiki in itself does not limit the structure in any way. --JanneJalkanen

See IdeasSubPages for more discussion.

How do I see an Index of all the pages which exist?#

Go to PageIndex. It is in fact just a regular WikiPage which has just the IndexPlugin from AlainRavet embedded.

How do I change the colour of the edit screen to something other than pink?#

The background color is determined in three locations:

  1. Edit the CSS files (jspwiki_ie.css, jspwiki_ns.css, and jspwiki_mac.css) and change the "BODY.edit" color
  2. Edit the "Edit.jsp" file (or in case of JSPWiki 1.9.x, EditTemplate.jsp)
  3. Make your own stylesheet, and redefine "BODY.edit" in it, then use your browser's facilities to force that stylesheet.

Besides, it's not pink. :-) And it was changed to light blue in 1.9.2something...


We are building a page with a lot of redundant information and wish to use "see above" links. We disabled the "html" option so we can't use raw html anchors.


You can always use the footnotes feature, as described in TextFormattingRules. See also IdeasInPageHyperlinks.


2.2 will have intra-page links. They are already available in the current CVS version.


What is a plugin?#

A: Does JSPWikiPlugins answer that? If not, let us know.


Q: Is there a wiki notation to add the current date and time in a wiki page?
Is there a plugin for that?
Thanks! (ch)

A: You mean like 04-Dec-2022 13:58? See JSPWikiPlugins for more information (such as how to format it). --MichaelGentry

Adding Yahoo chat?#

Q: I would like to add a link to Yahoo chat...but I don't know how to do this: Yahoo tells me to put this in my Wiki page: <a href="http://edit.yahoo.com/config/send_webmesg?.target=YahooUser25&.src=pg"> <img border=0 src="http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=YahooUser25&m=g&t=2"></a>

Use the Image tag:

[{Image src='http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=YahooUser25&m=g&t=2' 


Q: Does JSPWiki support something like UseMod's AutoSignature, i.e. two or three tildes (~~) get replaced with date (/and time), usually used in front of one's username ending a contributional bit of text. Surely, there might be the problem of having the tildes replaced anywhere, even when not wanted. --DeBaser (2004-02-11)

A: There's the StampFilter plugin, which requires 2.1. --Daggerbox

How to open links within a new browser window#

It is possible to have links opened in a new window by defining an interWikiRef like:

jspwiki.interWikiRef.NewHttp=http:%s" TARGET="_blank
Yes it looks dirty and may not work in the future. For now it works at least with the default template:
New Window for Google: [NewHttp://www.google.com].

-- KarlHeesch

Heh. Cool hack. It should actually work regardless of the template, but if the HTTP link generation is ever changed, it is possible that this stops working. It's probably not going to happen in the near future, though.

Let's use this as a workaround until then.

-- JanneJalkanen

For those who want all external link references to open a new browser window, would it be sinful to make an interWikiRef called, simply, http ? As long as the code doesn't attempt to re-evaluate the rewritten reference, causing an infinite loop, would this be any less acceptable as a workaround than having a NewHttp interWikiRef ?

Okay; that doesn't work in 2.0.52.

Separately, I had suggested a new properties file addition on the Ideas page, which seems like a consistent and backward compatible solution.

-- Deleteme999

If the link generation does get changed, I would suggest a small addition to the current format, i.e. [name|link|window]


Can subpages be made?#

Is it possible to make SubPages?

I'm afraid this is a feature that has been planned for JSPWiki 2.4, but there has not yet been any work towards it. --JanneJalkanen

Where can I host my JSPWiki?#

Get your JSP/Servlets based wiki hosted on a Private Tomcat 5.5.7 running on a dedicated JVM with 64MB Heap. Visit DailyRazor Hosting

I actually am currently trying to get JSPWiki running at DailyRazor, and there is some sort of configuration error. The error is supposedly reported to the log files. Unfortunately, the shared JVM accounts do not give you access to the log files. I get an error message saying "look in the log files" but: Is there some reason that the actual error can't simply be saved internally and displayed on the page that says "look in the log files"?

A: There may be several compounding errors, and it is very difficult to show the relevant ones (the latest one may not be the one that is the real reason of the error). But if you can deploy jspwiki, you can also set the log files. If necessary, you can even ask JSPWiki to email you the log files. See the log4j configuration in jspwiki.properties.

-- JanneJalkanen

How can I have synomym pages?#

In order to maximize cross linking, I would like to have some pages have several names (or at least appear to have). For example, being able to define that ThisCamelCaseLink and ThisOtherCamelCaseLink are actually pointing to the same page. This way if users type either of those keywords, this would create a link to the same page. In VeryQuickWiki, I believe it was possible to add a special tag in the page so that the user is automatically forwarded to the other page. I am not sure how to do that in JSPWiki. I see a very dirty hack using symlinks coming, but I was hoping there is a better soluton.


A: In 2.1 it is possible to say [{SET alias='OtherPage'}] so that one page can be automatically redirected to another page.

How do you handle unreachble page containing SET alias? #

How can you edit and remove it?

A: I use the TranscludePlugin
A2: You can type in the URL for edit in the browser's address bar, eg. http://yourdomain.com/Edit.jsp?page=...

What's to stop somebody from blowing away all the content on a Wiki site?#

Q: I'm new to this, and I'm just wondering... Is there ANY kind of security that stops a malicious person who comes across a Wiki from wiping out all the content, simply by editing the pages and removing all their content?

A: Nope. None whatsoever. See WikiWikiWeb:WhyWikiWorks for a more detailed discussion, but essentially it's the fact that there are far more good-willed users than malicious users, and that restoring destroyed content is roughly as easy as destroying the content. If everyone could remove graffiti from the buildings with a flick of a wrist, we wouldn't have much of it.

Actually, newer versions of JSPWiki do have content protection built-in, but they do also restrict the "good" users.

Linking to UNC Paths#

Q. How does one link to a UNC path? IOW, I would like to do something like

    [Go To Location|\\some-machine\some-location]
This just shows up as an unrecognized wikiname. Hovering over the link shows the following URL http://mywiki/Edit.jsp?page=somemachinesomelocation. I've even tried escaping the back-slashes.

A: The correct syntax appears to be

    [Go To Location|file://///some-machine/some-location].
I have tested this OK with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Firefox 1.0.

Note that Firefox, by default, will disable file:// URLs on pages from a network (http:, https: or ftp:) source, for security reasons. To modify this setting, type about:config in the address bar of Firefox. This gives you access to the config. Alter the security.checkloaduri value to false. -- NigelCharman

Update: This article describes the security reasons for this setting, and how to use the Configurable Security Policies in Firefox 1.1 to be override the setting on a per site basis. -- NigelCharman

Q. I created a form using FormPlugin and after the form is created, I tried to make changes to that form. Why does the update button not work. Attempted update to existing forms does do anything. I am using jspwiki version 2.2.20(stable)

Hi I am developing a wiki for our product. I am trying to create a wiki/ user guide! I try to use images to describe various parts of the system. I am using

The image loads up in the wiki and is very fuzzy or blurred while using IE. The image is very clear and crisp when I load the same page in google chrome. Is this a bug in the system or a spefice setting to fix this? Is there a fix for this? I have set up the jspwiki.properties to - jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.1 = *.jpg jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.2 = *.png jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.3 = http://images.com/* jspwiki.translatorReader.inlinePattern.4 = *.JPG Regards, Shine Prakash

--shine, 28-Jul-2009 19:59

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