A: Hello,
I'd like to know:

  • how can I change the logo?
  • how to remove the JSPWIKI version mentionned below the left menu


Q: I've noticed categorization links at the bottom of many pages. Can these be used to display category/section specific LeftMenu(s)?
Q: Is it possible to change (increase) the right margin of the LeftMenu? How would that be done? It seems that some words might sit a bit close to the main body of the page.
A: For 2.8 you find the best description in JSPWiki Stylesheet Design
To simply change the logo, look for the jspwiki.css
You find the selector .applicationlogo. There you can change the .png entry.
However - I had some problems with the cache. The change apeared after hovering.
--- older versions ---
I'll assume that you are talking about the "default" WikiTemplate here. The default template is based on a HTML table layout, with a single table cell for the left side for the menu, and another for the right-hand side which contains the actual text. The structure is defined in two files: EditTemplate.jsp for the edit view, and ViewTemplate.jsp for all others. If you take a look at the templates/default/ViewTemplate.jsp-file, you'll find something that looks like this:

<td class="leftmenu" width="10%" valign="top" nowrap="true">
<%@ include file="~LeftMenu.jsp" %>
This defines the format of the left-hand menu table cell, and includes the contents of "LeftMenu.jsp" JSP file into the cell. (The <%@ include... is a JSP directive that inserts another JSP page into an another page.) If you want to change the width of the page, just change the "width" -parameter of the <td>-tag. Or you can change the CSS definition for ".leftmenu" somewhere in your CSS file, which resides in the same directory. For information how you can create your own templates and customize them, check out JSPWikiTemplates. --JanneJalkanen.

To change the width in 2.8.2 I created a CSS in templates/default/skins/<name>/skin.css of
#page {
    background-color: White;
    width: 90%
I assume the above description of the layout no longer applies in the default template --NigelOwen

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