RSS and Authentication/SSL#

Q:Can i use RSS with wikis which require authentication (and are SSL encrypted)?. Are there any RSS aggregators (Bloglines etc.) supporting this?

A: GMail has an RSS feed of your new mail, it seems to use HTTP authentication to check you are the right user. -- ShaunMcDonald

Aggregators for Podcasting#

Which client based aggregators other than iTunes are there to support podcasting in this wiki? Are there any clients that are open source and plattform independent?

Resetting RSS#

Q: Is it possible to reset the RSS? Having the current content as the initial RSS content?

I'm sorry? I don't understand...

RSS and User Security#

Q: How can I protect wikipages from being included in the RSS feed if they should be restricted to a certain group of users?

A: Since 2.6, this is automatic. Only pages where everyone has a read access are listed in the RSS feed.

Q: my jspwiki is restricted to registered users only. So all pages can only be seen, when logged in. I still would like to use RSS Feeds. Is there any way to get this done?

Q: Is there anyway to create more than one feed or limit the feed to one page?

Q: Using v2.4.104, RSS feed seems insecure. Though clicking on a link requires one to log into the wiki to see the changes there, you can see the differences in the new page version using the RSS reader without logging into the wiki. Is there a way around this?

RSS Usage#

Q. If have enabled RSS on my wiki and it seems to generate and work quite well. When I click on the automated link to the RDF file, it brings me to a page that shows me the RDF content and invites me to subscribe in my choice of reader programs. I select Outlook (2007) and then it all goes pear-shaped. Outlook 2007 cannot connect to the RSS feed. Does anyone know if this is due to my Tomcat port (8080) or Outlook 2007 etc. The RSS feed on JSPWIKI.ORG works fine, and so I would suspect that it is the port being used by Tomcat. I have tried using Google and Bloglines as my reader as well, but also get problems: There is a problem with the database. Please try again later. No feeds were found. Please verify that the website publishes an RSS feed. Thoughts are welcome. Robert - 03-Jun-2008

More info here : RSSFeedForJSPWiki
--Real_Gagnon, 2010-03-10

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