Search and replace#

Q: I'm still using JSPWiki V.2.4.1. An expression has chanced and i'm searching for a plugin "search and replace" to replace this expression for the entire wiki. Is it possible? -- STM (17/12/2008)

Search across multiple wikis#

Q: We've set up several seperate project wikis we would like to search from one central "portal" wiki. Are there any developments enabling this searching of multiple wikis from one search box?

A: At the moment you need to write your own search tool for that, I'm afraid :-/. I think this may be something that needs to be discussed on MultiWikiDevelopment.

Q: Is there any differnt in efficiency between the BasicSearchProvider and the LuceneSearchProvider? if not why having to choose between two?

A: Use the LuceneSearchProvider which is signifficantly faster. The BasicSearchProvider only does a full text search through all the pages each time you query it, while Lucene is a real search engine which is building an index for pages and then searching in the index instead of going through all the pages. Lucene is now also used for search in Wikipedia (MediaWiki). It's only for historical reasons that there are two providers in JSPWiki.

I hope we don't take the BasicSearchProvider from the distribution any time soon - Lucene is too unreliable, at least with JSPWiki. I just moved to 2.2.33 and after many tries I turned it off in favor of the "historical" search engine.

Between slow and reliable and fast and unreliable I will stick to the first.

Ditto on the buggy Lucene provider - many times it doesn't find matching search results, I too had to switch to the BasicSearchProvider to correct that. Also using 2.2.33.

Same here using 2.6.4 -- Wim-Jan (13/10/2008)

Search by author#

Q : Is there anyone have any experience about how to do a search by author with jspwiki? I have tried for fews days to do this but don't know where could start.

A: Try prefixing the field with "author:" It works with JSPWiki 2.4, might work on earlier versions as well.

Q :i'm not following.Could you give me an example or something plz?thanx

A: In the query field, enter author:phuong and you will find all the pages by the author phuong

A helpful tip is that author:phuong is a search item that can be enforced with the advanced search features such as + and -. So, you might want to find pages that have phuong in the content but not see all of the pages phuong has authored.
Perform a search like that with this syntax: phuong -author:phuong

Q: Hello,

i am searching for some plugins or something, which have the possibility to search in the attachments. E.g. You have a MS Word document (*.doc) and want to find a string in this document. Is it possible to realize? How?
Thanks for your answer. --Marc, 24-Jul-2007

A: Have a look at the discussion searching attachment content at

Q: How can I rebuild search index of lucene for JSPWiki? I have copied a lot of content(txt files) pages to my new JSPWiki installation from old JSPWiki. I cannot find any document when I search. My guess is that the new copied pages are not indexed. I tried to restart several times it did not help. Copied pages don't have authors (i.e. "was last changed on 12-Jan-2011 11:10 by UnknownAuthor"). Additionally I noticed that people suggest to remove index folder, which I was not able to find. How can I make that JSPWiki starts to find new pages.

A: Please refer to your set jspwiki.workDir that can be found from the file. Go to the path specified and you should find the lucene folder. Inside the lucene folder, remove all the files and restart your web server. This should re-index your pages.

Q: Anybody know if there's any available plugin to search part of a word? For example, i have a word "hello". When I input in the search box, "ello", I would also like the result to have "yellow", "cello", etc? Thanks in advance!

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