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Q: What do I mean? The whole wiki thing is great for sharing and organizing information. I am planning to use this for taking and organizing my notes. Things are great if I know the name of what I am doing up front. Often, however, I just want to enter some notes without thinking too hard about where it will eventually end up. I think what I need is some sort of "create a new page with the current date and time in the title" option. Since this is a wiki, perhaps I just need somthing that will create the link, and the page is automatically created when I navigate the link.

Has anyone come up with a clever solution to this? -- KeithSwenson

A: Do you mean something like the Weblog plugin? See my weblog for a running example. --JanneJalkanen

A lot of times I'll want to enter some information into the wiki, but not have time to organize/link it properly. When I want to do this, I'll edit the URL and delete everything after the "?page=" and then add the page name I want to create. JSPWiki then allows me to create the page. Sure, it's not nicely linked/organized yet, but it is searchable, which means it still has value. It also shows up in the RecentChanges, etc. pages. --MichaelGentry

Yes -- WebLog is great. Today I needed to take some quick notes in a meeting, and it was the perfect thing. You should mention WebLog in your features list -- I would have found it quicker. Another question: Can I configure it to just make a link to the new page, instead of including the text of that page? I realize this is not very bloggish but there are times I would like only the link. -- KeithSwenson

Actually, the weblog feature is really meant for 2.2 and above, the 2.0 plugin is quite simplistic, so I'm saving it for that.

What I do when I want to make a new page but not include it all, I'll just type in a link on the new weblog entry, save, and then click on the newly created link... Very Wikish :-). Sometimes I also go back to the blog entry and use the InsertPagePlugin to insert an abstract.

-- JanneJalkanen

WebLogPlugin parameters?#

A: The WebLog plugin is not yet documented, and we do not recommend that you use it on a 2.0 installation due to its highly experimental nature. There will be documentation on the next 2.1 alpha release, due in a few days. Until then, you will have to Read The Fine Source, sorry.

-- JanneJalkanen

Where are my Blog Entries from 2004?#

It seems (I did no validate this with the source though) the WebLog Plugin, by default, only shows entries for the current year. Which means, as today is jan 5 2004, my blogs are mostly empty!

To make old entries reappear, add the days parameter to your WebLog Plugin invocation:

[{INSERT WeblogPlugin days=180}]

How to let only authenticated users add an entry?#

Is it possible?#

How can I have a blog entry only editable by the user who created it (assuming only authenticated users can create entries) and any authenticated user be able to add a comment?#

I guess, appropriate ACLs would have to be added automatically when the page is created. How could this be done?

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