As a part of a bachelor thesis this JSPWiki provider using Fedora digital object repository as a persistent storage of wiki pages was created. This provider, also published as stand-alone solution Wikidora, should enable scientific researchers to use temporary Wikis but still create permanent scientific output.

Although there is a stand-alone solution (using JSPWiki as base) which will focus development on the needs of a scientific background and workflows, we would like to give back something to JSPWiki community with this provider. Perhaps somebody wishes only to use Fedora as a content repository without anything else. The Fedora Provider implements both Page and Attachment Provider and generates a PDF version of every page on-the-fly.


  1. Download Fedora Provider from Sourceforge
  2. Just extract the contents of this archive to your JSPWiki installations /WEB-INF/lib/ folder
  3. And add the following parts to your
# Configuration FedoraProvider
jspwiki.fedoraProvider.protocol = http = localhost
# your fedora servers hostname
jspwiki.fedoraProvider.port = 18080		
# your fedora servers port
jspwiki.fedoraProvider.user = fedoraAdmin               
# a fedora user account 
jspwiki.fedoraProvider.password = yourpassword
jspwiki.fedoraProvider.dcPublisher = Wikidora Team
# dublin core publisher of fedora objects
jspwiki.fedoraProvider.namespace = wiki
# namespace of fedora objects, should be retained in fedora.fcfg

Afterwards adjust these lines in

jspwiki.pageProvider = org.wikidora.providers.FedoraPageProvider
jspwiki.attachmentProvider = org.wikidora.providers.FedoraAttachmentProvider

I hope this provider is usefull to some people. If you'd like to get the sourcecode just head over to Sourceforge SVN.

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