Comparing VersioningFileProvider RCSFileProvider#

Is VersioningFileProvider better than RCSFileProvider?#

Which should I use? I am on a Linux system and RCS is working fine for me, but I just started today with JSPWiki, so it really does not matter about a change...

Will they both be supported in the future?

-- JeremyC

Yes. Both will be supported in the future. My personal preference is for the RCSFileProvider, but we wrote VersioningFileProvider so that people would not need to rely on external programs. Especially for people running on Windows VersioningFileProvider is often the less problematic one.

The real difference between these two is in disk space consumption: RCSFileProvider uses far less disk space. This may be an issue when doing backups and such. --JanneJalkanen

In addition, VersioningFileProvider is far faster than RCSFileProvider, which relies on external programs to function. This can be an issue, especially if you use a lot of WebLogs.

--Janne Jalkanen

How much space does VersioningFileProvider need with respect to RCSFileProvider?#

Q: What is a decent way to think about the ratio? -- MatthewSimpson

A: These pages tend to be relatively small, so disk usage isn't a huge issue -- in my opinion -- especially given the size of modern drives. It also depends upon how many times a page is revisioned. For example, the main page on JSPWiki, as of the time I am writing this, has been versioned 175 times. Let's say it fits into a 3KB file (it's not that big), which gives us 175 * 3KB = 525KB for a highly active front page (not counting disk block sizes, etc). This still isn't too bad, especially given the fact that the VersioningFileProvider is much faster than the RCSFileProvider. As for attachments, RCS is not efficient at versioning binary files -- it makes a complete copy of it just like VersioningFileProvider. I've also gone in and manually edited some of the pages on the intranet server I have running where people made some simple beginner mistakes and I didn't want to create a new version of the page and it is much easier to do that if you have separate copies of every page (this shouldn't be encouraged, by the way). If you find yourself running low on space, you could always delete some pr0n. Pic/smile.png


The RCS store of Main is 45802 bytes at the writing of this. So we would guess that the VersioningFileProvider takes about eleven times as much space as the RCSFileProvider. Take into account blocks (assume 32k blocks for FAT, for example, and you suddenly gain more:

Thus the ratio is about 87.5/1 with large block sizes...

FYI: The entire JSPWiki page repository takes at the moment 12 MBytes using RCSFileProvider, and that's with all the attachments included. But we use RCSFileProvider.

-- JanneJalkanen

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