FitNesse ( is a just-released, integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework written in Java. It works with the the FIT test framework (see

You can download FitNesse from Requires JDK or JRE 1.4+.

What's the relevance for JSPWiki? FitNesse has some very interesting features. In particular, the paging convention which caters for sub-wikis within a wiki.

Worth a look. The wiki is vanilla, but comes in a tiny, self-contained package that requires no configuration, and seems to have impressive speed.

-- PaulDownes, 02/26/2003

Fit would be a Grrrreat addition to JSPWiki:
I have written a JSPWiki plugin for FIT. At the moment I am testing it. In a few days, I will publish it to my webpage. --ElRey, 02/23/2006

  • Fit is about creating tests that people can read easily.
    examples : here, and here
  • Wiki is about creating web sites that people can modify easily.
It should be no surprise that they go along so well, as they have the same father : WardCunningham

Fit looks like the ideal tool for Acceptance/Customer tests,
where the barely/non-technical customer writes tests into html pages, execute them, and see the result with his browser (green is good, red is bad).
It would help push JSPWiki further on the client side of projects. --AlainRavet

The problem with FIT from an acceptance/customer test perspective is that it operates at a programming interface level. FIT does not (yet) have capabilities for driving the user interface.

And, while customers may be able to define the data for tests in the FIT, the developers will have to write the test classes for the customers. This will change in time; I expect QA/software testers to take up the slack and be able automate acceptance tests in the future, for both UI and API.

I have been involved in test automation for many years, although I don't get to practice it anymore, and some of us built data and keyword-driven test automation frameworks using the commercial test tools. I having been trying to talk some of my associates into migrating these to non-proprietary languages; I was looking at Ruby for this purpose. However, there is a growing number of free and open source products in this space: Abbot, Avignon (, Jemmy, Marathon, Pounder, Puffin, and more.

Back to FitNesse: what do you think of the way it manages pages?

-- PaulDownes, 02/27/2003

The problem I see with FitNesse is that you are confronted with this whole "test" idea in the design. I mean... I'm not a tester or a programmer. I'm just looking for a wiki. Someone recommended looking into FitNesse because it runs locally. But I can't tell if or how I can get rid of the testing stuff in its design. I just want a wiki. Adding all that test stuff makes it way too complicated for someone who doesn't understand testing or want to do testing. (not that there shouldn't be a testing-based wiki... but to be usable for others, one needs to be able to turn the testing design off). -- MatthewSimpson


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