I'm the Chief Technical Officer for Kaloke Technologies. We are a J2EE consulting / development company. We've done some pretty major development in the last three years. Our expertise is in systems integration with legacy systems. Since we are based in the Philadelphia area we cover the US East coast. We've also done projects in Canada, and recently wrapped up a project in Brazil.

I've been doing systems development for the last 20+ years (yes, I know COBOL) and have been doing web development since 1995. I've worked at cool places like Fredonia State University, Burroughs/Unisys , The Vanguard Group and First USA Bank (now BankOne).

My personal site, using JSPWiki, can be found at schucker.org. I use the site for my classes at 1.jpgDrexel University, a log of boat trips, and a general purpose calendar of birthdays, events and todo items. Mostly it's a collection of bookmarks to sites that I either use or want to remember.

I've built some JSPWiki tools to make my life easier. For example the ISBN Tools helps manage all the book references. The Bookmarklets help insert references into different pages of the wiki. I've also sent some code into Janne that he's put into the release :-)

I'm in the process of moving a much older personal site to the newer site.

Most of my personal work is in Java or Logo, Awk for quick and dirty "one time" programs. I'm currently using Waba for Java development on the Palm Pilot.

Pages that I've commented on: Advanced Editing Showcase, Auth Plugin, Authorization And Authentication Development, Breadcrumbs Tag, Bug Comment Preview Deletes All Comments, Calendar List Plugin, Concept Plugin, Container Managed Security, Container Managed Security Discussion, Contributed Templates Mrg, Disk File, FAQ Administration, ISBN Tools, Idea Support Rel Nofollow, Ideas External Link Camel Case Matching, Ideas Instant Messaging Wiki, Insert Page Plugin, Inter Wiki Link Tips, JSP Wiki Friendly Web Hosting, JSP Wiki Sites, Maggie Leber, Markus Wiki Tips, My Plugins Stopped Working, Not A Bug, Old Book Template, Opening Externel Links By Default In A New Window, Page Deletion, Page View Count Plugin, Publish Plugin, Referred Pages Plugin, Referring Pages Plugin, Resin, Sameserver HTTP Links, Scripted Plugin, Standalone Wiki, Stupid Questions, Weather Plugin, Xml Storage


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