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I'm using JSPWiki as my private information store and will probably use it for our hospital intranet.

Has anybody tried to embed JSPWiki as a help system in user software?
I'm using JavaHelp for my medical simulation software ( and but I'm not happy with it.

My Email:


Pages that I've contaminated (idea: JohnVolkar)#

Bug Attachment And Info Tabs Are Blank, Bug First Character After End Of Table Gets Eaten, Dynamic Menu Tree Plugin, Frank_Fischer Favorites, Link Index Plugin, Sql Table Plugin, User List


Hi Frank. Thanks for improving the LinkIndexPlugin. I'll update the Javadocs, repost the new code and rewrite the page documentation on the wiki in a few days. I'd been planning on doing the sorting option, and on having the broken-only option, but it's nice to have someone else involved. Life has been a bit busy for me in the past week or so, and promises to be for the next few.

On the question of using JSPWiki as a built-in help system, that's actually what I'm doing with my software project Ceryle. I've written an events API that allows Ceryle access to events within the wiki, which isn't entirely necessary except that Ceryle is meant to be rather tightly integrated with JSPWiki — I just haven't gotten that far along quite yet. But I'd be interested in comparing notes, and I'm certainly willing to share the events API. It does require changes to WikiEngine, though not many, and none particularly significant. -- MurrayAltheim

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