This plugin is a simple wrapper around the FreeMind browser applet. It allows you to browse, zoom in, zoom out, print, search, fold and unfold nodes on an attached MindMap file. Hyperlinks work as expected.

The code is heavily based on the Applet plugin created by SebastianBaltes. It was inspired by Idea Freemind Plugin.

The usage description is also available in German, see FreeMindPlugin Benutzung.
Eine deutsche Benutzungsbeschreibung siehe auf FreeMindPlugin Benutzung.

  • Make sure the client environment can execute applets (you will need a JRE 1.4.x or better);
  • Download the file from;
  • Extract the file freemindbrowser.jar from that .zip file;
  • Attach/download the browser jar (freemindbrowser.jar) file in the wiki page "FreeMindBrowser" (Create it if not exist). Test the upload of the jar file "[FreeMindBrowser/freemindbrowser.jar]". Look at this Jspwiki page FreeMindBrowser;
    • See the "Usage" section for a preferred location;
  • Install the plugin
    • Copy the file FreeMindPlugin.jar(info) to your wiki /WEB-INF/lib directory
    • (Optional) Add the package name org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.freemind to the value of the property jspwiki.plugin.searchPath in your wiki /WEB-INF/ file.
  • Create a mindmap using FreeMind;
    • See the "Usage" section for a preferred name;
  • Attach the mindmap file to the wiki;
    • See the "Usage" section for a preferred location.
The plugin supports the following parameters:

Name Default value Description
archive FreeMindBrowser/freemindbrowser.jar the FreeMind applet jar file, as an attachment
mindmap the mindmap file, as an attachment to the current page
align left applet display area alignment
height 600 applet display area height
width 900 applet display area width
alt none applet alternative display value

Using the default values (and add the package name to your source path) you can activate the plugin simply by adding:


To point to a mindmap with a non-default name and change the display area:

[{FreeMindPlugin mindmap='' height=300 width=400}]

NOTE: this screenshot shows the applet menubar and the toolbar, which are *not* activated by default.
You have to right-click close to the top of the applet display area to enable them.


Where exactly do you put freemindbrowser.jar? I am always getting complains that it cannot be found.
Create a page called FreeMindBrowser, and attach the .jar file to it. This is the default value. If you would rather add it as an attachment to a different page, point to it using the archive parameter.

I'm getting an error: The URL is malformed! No protocol: attach/FreeMindMap/

The plugin is installed, the freemindbrowser attached to the FreeMindBrowser page, and a mindmap file attached to another page. The freemind browser seems to start.

[{org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.freemind.FreeMindPlugin mindmap='' height=300 width=400}]

Any idea what causes this?

--RvW, 04-Feb-2007

The same here for me. I am using the Java Plugin 1.5.0-11

--McAviti, 2007-03-14

when you get this error, see if your is set. after setting of this property all was fine.

# my local wiki-base-URL
--bZi, 2008-07-05

I had this - could not find the help documentation - using windows XP home.

Find the file /doc/ somewhere in the freemind program directory.

Run FreeMind and do: tools > preferences > environment

You will see two fields: documapurl and browsemode initial map

They may be set now to ./doc/

Set them both to point at the full path name for the file. The format is:

file:c:/Program Files/Freemind/doc/

save then reload. bingo!

Hope this helps. Phil brady

--PhilBrady, 13-Aug-2007

I can't get the example map that comes with the download to show up. All I get is a blank window with "Mode changed to browse mode". The map and freemindbrowser.jar are attached to the page. Any ideas?

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