GIF = Graphics Interchange Format.  GIF is used to pack 8-bit images using [lossless compression].

GIF comes in two forms:

* GIF87, which is the normal format.
* GIF89a, which adds a single-color transparency.

GIF is quite obsolete by now, and while there are still plenty of GIFs around, you really should be using [PNG] as its replacement, since it offers much better compression, up to 48 bits colordepth, per-pixel transparency information, and all sorts of other goodies.

Say what you will... but GIFs and [JPG]s are what most people use.  I'm not a techie... and have been living/working on the internet for years (as a user)... and I've never even heard of [PNG]. -- MatthewSimpson

Well, around here all of the techie population uses PNGs.  Perhaps you are hanging around in the wrong techie groups :-).

-- JanneJalkanen

That's exactly it... I'm not hanging out in techie groups at all... You are right... 70+% of the rest of the world should be using [PNG]. -- MatthewSimpson


Correct me...
I think that GIF is a free format and PNG not or somethink like that.

--Dran+Dane, 30-May-2007