I work in the Environmental Research field in South Africa, helping to develop information systems to access and display environmental data and information.

My other interests include boardgaming (as if you hadn't guessed...) and science fiction.

You can reach me at: mailto:gamesbook@gmail.com

Welcome. It's actually good to see that IT people are also doing stuff that really benefits people. (You wouldn't happen to play go, would you? :-) --JanneJalkanen

Nope. Altho' Go is arguably the best boardgame ever, I prefer slightly less strenous games for my spare time... such as the many fine "euro style" games that have emerged in the 1990's... have a look at http://boardgamegeek.com.

I've been playing those for years (ever since they appeared in German)... Carcassonne & Settlers still remain my favourites. -- JanneJalkanen

Yup - those are good games to "get into" the boardgame hobby; but there are many new games, that have come out since those, that are even better. Its a great time to be playing games!

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