JSPWiki needs your help! You don't need to be a software developer to help -- we also need people to help with ''documentation'', ''coding'', ''usability and graphic design'', ''wiki gardening'', ''organizing volunteers'', ''validating and managing bugs and ideas'', ''hanging on the IRC channel'' to help people, etc.

!! Documentation

We need a lot of help both with [user-level|JSPWikiDocumentation#ForUsers] and [developer|JSPWikiDocumentation#ForDevelopers] documentation. Whilst we hardly expect non-developers to help out with the latter very much, we'd love to have some help with user-level documentation written to make life easier for ''everyone'' (i.e., your green grocer, your brother, your mother and her little dog).

!! Development / Coding

*[ContributedPlugins] - Create and contribute additional plugins for JSPWiki. Also, many of the contributed plugins are getting outdated and need to be updated.
*[Fix Bugs / Implement Enhancements|https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JSPWIKI] - Pick one and research it. Possibly add your notes/findings. And even better, fix it. :-)
*[Manage Bugs / Issues|https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JSPWIKI] Identifying which are the highest priority and removing/relabeling fixed, duplicate, or non-bugs is not an easy task and help would be most appreciated.
*[JSPWikiMailingList] - Discuss new and existing features on the mailing list.

Please take a look at [JSPWikiFeatureRoadMap] to see what is needed/wanted for different upcoming releases!

!! Usability / Graphic Design

*Help improve the default template.
*[ContributedTemplate] -  Create and contribute additional templates for JSPWiki.
*[NewDefaultContent]  - A new set of default wiki pages.
*[JSPWikiLogoSamples] - A new logo for JSPWiki.

!! ~WikiGardening
*[WikiGardener] - a person who goes around the wiki, correcting typos here, rearranging things to be more readable, etc.

!! Helping Other JSPWiki Users

*[JSPWikiDocumentation] and [JSPWikiFAQ] - Perhaps there are some sections or Q&A's that you can contribute.
*[RecentChanges] - Questions or issues that other users may have are usually added to pages as comments. Check this page to see if there's something that you can help with.
*[JSPWikiMailingList] - Same.
*[IrcChannel] - The JSPWiki chat room could be more fully utilized as an "online wiki café" to build community and/or as a help desk.

!! Organizing Volunteers

It's a natural consequence of growth that once a team reaches a certain size the need for organization and management tends to surface.

There is no marketing department, nor even a management team here. We're so busy developing that we don't really even have the time to help organize those people who are interested in helping. If you have a natural talent in working with people and like to organize people and documentation then your help would be kindly welcomed.