[GreenTemplate] is a JSPWiki template which [RiccardoGovoni] has developed for his personal web pages. It is still very rough, but it is being polished day by day. It now supports themepacks to quickly change icons and color schemes while maintaining the overall layout, and it even supports local themepacks, which are applied only to a limited set of wikipages.

You can take a look at it and download it  at [BattlehorseWiki|http://battlehorse.homelinux.net/w/Wiki.jsp?page=WikiGreenTemplate]
!! __Features and Infos__
The template modifies both __css__ and __jsp__ files. It has been tested with JSPWiki __2.2.33__ (last stable release at the moment of writing). You will also need to install a small __jar__ file in your {{WEB-INF}}/lib installation folder.

I've tested the template with the following browsers : Internet Explorer 6 on WinXP, Opera 9 TP2 on both WinXP and UbuntuLinux 5.04 , Mozilla Firefox  1.5 (WinXP) and 1.0.7 (UbuntuLinux 5.04). Leave a comment on this page or on [BattlehorseWiki|http://battlehorse.homelinux.net/w/Wiki.jsp?page=WikiGreenTemplate] if you find any bugs or rendering problems.

The features of this template:
* collects all the editing controls (edit, comment, more info, attach a file), along with other buttons (save current page as bookmark, printer friendly page) in a cool-looking icon bar in the upper right corner of the page.
* provides a nice (?) rendering for user comments using a specific {{PageFilter}}
* provides a bunch of styles (such as {{tip}},{{credits}},{{error}} which can be used to render different types of messages in easy-to-identify boxes.
* __NEW in 0.2:__ local menus,which allow the definition of menus which appear only on specific wiki pages (see changelog)
* __NEW in 0.3:__ themepacks, which allow the definition of "skins" to be applied to the template. The themepacks can also be applied to a specific subset of wikipages.
* __NEW in 0.3:__ easy template configuration: all the template options are collected in a single conf file.

!! __Screenshots__


Here are other screenshots which refer to different themepacks(click to enlarge) :
* __ubuntu__ : a theme based on the popular [Ubuntu|http://www.ubuntu.com/] linux distribution
[{Image src='http://battlehorse.homelinux.net:8080/general_files/wiki/template/t_green_screenshot_ubuntu.png' link='http://battlehorse.homelinux.net:8080/general_files/wiki/template/green_screenshot_ubuntu.png' }]
* __ocean__ : a theme which is based on light blue colors. 
[{Image src='http://battlehorse.homelinux.net:8080/general_files/wiki/template/t_green_screenshot_ocean.png' link='http://battlehorse.homelinux.net:8080/general_files/wiki/template/green_screenshot_ocean.png' }]

!! __Changelog__
__v 0.3__ (04-Mar-2006) : introduced themepacks. \\
__v 0.2 __ (15-Feb-2006) : introduced support for local menus, which allow the definition of menus which appear only on specific wiki pages. \\
__v 0.1 __ (12-Feb-2006) : initial release, lot of work to do. Use it only if you know how to modify jsp and css files to remove author's logos ...