Biologist, running a multi wiki setup on,, - all from one installation. Quite unhappy with current development, the version I use (2.2) is not fully stable, and all later versions up to Feb. 2007 seem to be much less stable.

I would like to see JSPWiki become stable, and more wiki-oriented. Currently so much of social importance like disclaimers, policies, copyright notes is not available. The ConfigurableTemplate once tried to fix this. Also, for multiwiki setup, it would be important to be able to make changes inside a wiki, rather than having to program jsp and properties files!!! Being a JSP programmer running a wiki can be problem because JSPWiki tends to require programming skills to develop a project (e.g. to customize the templates). The above-mentioned Wikis are based on ConfigurableTemplate, which even allows the Wiki owners to change the layout by modifying a Wiki page containing CSS-overrides. However, ConfigurableTemplate is no longer compatible with 2.4 or later versions of JSPWiki, the template system is incompatible in newer versions.

There may be multiple causes for unstability. I've noticed that Apache 2+mod_jk+(Jetty|Tomcat) is a very unstable combo - but I know that some people are running JSPWiki under quite a high load. So it *could* be your setup as well.

The multiwiki stuff is on the roadmap for 3.0. The current way is not really a multiwiki system; it's just reusing the same codebase.

However, we would very much like to have more developers submitting bug fixes...

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Feb-2007

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