I'am appreciating the smartness, the simplicity and functions of JSPWiki. It is indeed well designed. A very good design leads to semplicity, robustness ad ease of use and administration. I also appreciate the change towards JAAS. It is worth of many further and strong implementations. Cool! \\
just deleted some wiki spam

Can anyone tell me whether the sandbox is a separated JSPWiki? or is the same wiki with www.jspwiki.org(use same Wiki.jsp, Edit.jsp, ... )?

--[Rain Zhao]

It's a separate JSPWiki instance, which uses separate JSP files.

-- JanneJalkanen

Wow... I think JSPWiki will have the honour of serving our intranet! :)

-- Christer Engman



I've  been using JSPWiki (2.2.33) for about 2 months now and have a growing site full of info. 

After looking at [wikimatrix|http://www.wikimatrix.org/] I must say that JSPWiki is dead simple to install/maintain/backup than all the others.

I looked at:
* [DokuWiki|http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki]
* JSPWiki
* [PmWiki|http://www.jspwiki.org/]
* [TWiki|http://twiki.org]

Click on the following [link|http://www.wikimatrix.org/compare/DokuWiki+JSPWiki+PmWiki+TWiki] to see a side by side comparison on wikimatrix

I really liked TWiki as I have written the odd short script in perl, but how complicated can you get with a setup... it's would take a month of Sundays to get it going
You need RCS/ perl RCS (which they don't recommened), Apache, Perl, GNU diff... blah, blah...
It looked really neat and I'd like to give it a bash, but it's too much to handle at this stage.... the others seem a bit simpler but I don't have any know how with PHP and I'm not about to add yet another language to my list of things to learn.

I'm going to stick to JSPWiki for now as it's just so easy, but I would like to see another Contributer other that JanneJalkanen... what if he is hit by a bus ;o)... wish I could offer my time but I'm just a java hack (one below a java jnr prog)... and just don't have time anyway...

I'm going to be installing eclipse 3.1.1 with WTP on another Fedora desktop to play around with the latest code. Janne, what do you use as your dev environment..?
Thanks for the Brilliant work!

--[Greg P]

For 2.3, we already have two other people contributing already ;-)

My dev environment is Eclipse 3.1 with ~MyEclipse (yes, it's worth the money) on OSX 10.4.

And feel free to contribute at whichever level is convinient for you.  For example, we need [WikiGardeners] here desperately :)

-- JanneJalkanen


This page is such a spam magnet that I am locking it down for a few days.

-- JanneJalkanen, 24-Jan-2006

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I have just done a successfull deployment of this impressive Wiki on ''Glassfish''. ''Glassfish'' is the first commerically available Java EE 5 based application server. Whats more is its an Open Source initiative from Sun itself. 
One can download it from https://glassfish.dev.java.net/public/downloadsindex.html or the Java EE 5 SDK from http://java.sun.com/javaee/downloads/index.jsp. You bet the installation of this WAR based deployment was gone by the wind!.

Pankaj Jairath

--PankajJairath, 17-May-2006


Yeah. This is fun.

--Nicholas Paul, 17-Jul-2007


Good Job !!!  

--[orgarcamy|http://justjob.pl/], 01-Feb-2011 22:47