guido is a jspwiki user and some sort of customizer for his needs.

He is currently watching the following pages:

* [IdeaEditOnlyOneSectionOfAPage]
* [IdeasMetadata]
* [SearchEnhancements]
* [LuceneForSearch] included since 2.1.100
* [ReferenceManager]
* [Release2.2Discussion]
* [RSSReaderPlugin]

Current authorization is deprecated! See [AuthorizationAndAuthenticationDevelopment].

* [Authorisation Discussion]
* [AuthorizationAndAuthenticationHOWTO]

Saw just a nice idea: Listing all external referrers to one page. Storing this sort of information would involve page attributes or even more. See on [], click Referrers at the bottom of a page. (Oops: This option is not present anymore -- guido 6.3.2005)