Q:I meet the same problem question at "On IE6/WinXP,not login to jspwiki" also我也遇到这个IE不能正常登录jspWiki的情况。同问,请解答。

Q:I down load (JSPWiki2.8.3+Tomcat6.0.28+JDK6.0) and install OK in windows Xp,after that I login with IE browse,but my page still stay here let me login and does not tell any error, so I think It may be the problem of IE , I try to use FireFox to login ,as a result It is OK,the page jump to my own Page which has been authenticated. Is any one can tell me why and what can I do to make it OK with IE?thanks a lot. 我下载了(JSPWiki2.8.3+Tomcat6.0.28+JDK6.0),安装在Windows Xp上,当我用IE浏览器登录后,页面并没有跳转到我的页面而是还停留在那让我登录,所有我怀疑是IE的问题,所有我用Firefox登录,发现问题解决了,可以正常登陆。请高手指点如何设置可以用IE正常登录?不慎感激!

On IE6/WinXP, login is working ok for me. I tested on jspwiki.org, which has the v2.8.4 jspwiki, but as far as I know this should be ok on v2.8.3 as well. Can you indicate which IE version you are using? Eventually check if you see any javascript errors (normally visible in the status bar at the bottom) DF

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