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Hi. I just started development on JSPWiki. So far the only code changes I have made is an 'I Feel Lucky' search button and a small modification to make external links open in a new browser window. I think the search engine results should be tweaked so a direct match on a wiki page name should get a higher score then a page containing a lot of links to that page.

Anyway, I hope to get active soon. I got a long list of ideas and specs I'd like to discuss but I am trying to get familiar with the project first.



P.S. Why is this project not in sourceforge? Even though I love Wiki, I don't think it is the best tool for discussion forums, bug tracking systems and feature request handling.

JanneJalkanen: Because this is my own server and I can do a lot more stuff on it than on SourceForge. And I actually don't like the SourceForge interface. If SourceForge is willing to give me r00t access to their machines and move them to Finland, then yeah, then we could use it :-)

HansSpeijer: I can understand that ;-). But if you have full access to your server then it should be easy to install BugZilla (or any other issue tracking system). Or I can just ask for CVS access and a couple of bugs to fix and features to implement right here and now ;-).

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