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ReferenceManager persistence#

JSPWiki startup is slow, because we need to scan through all of the pages to check out the links. Unfortunately, if the PageProvider is slow, then this will take a fair amount of time.

We need to do some sort of a "lazy init with persistence", i.e. make the ReferenceManager to save it's contents to a persistent storage at shutdown, and make it load it again at startup. Then it would go through the pages, and update the contents either lazily (on demand), or as a separate thread in the background.

A solution that does not depend on a 1.5 Megabyte persistence library and a zillion configuration options would be preferred; keep it simple and the download size small.

Requirement #2: ReferenceManager must be able to survive if someone changes a page externally.

Suggestion #3: It might a good idea to make ReferenceManager use the new PageFilters subsystem; it's cleaner that way than to force the scanWikiLinks() separately.

Project owner: Ebu. Posted by Janne Jalkanen, 13-Jul-2003.

Has this already been implemented? I know that there's a refmgr.ser file generated by JSPWiki.. --DavidAu, 02-Apr-2007

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