This has proven useful at work, where our Wiki pages are sometimes printed out for meetings, or used as a poor man's (or busy man's) Power Point. In both cases the menu on the left is not useful. What this mod does is add a "Hide Menu" item on the menu, and a "Show Menu" item on each page where the menu is hidden. All Wiki links within the pages work, and point to pages that also don't have a menu.

This mod can be done on any JSPWiki install without recompiling the JSPWiki code. It does require that the [Wiki RPC Interface] be on, and this code calls the [Hula] library. I've tested it against JSPWiki 1.8.2 only, but don't see why it wouldn't work on newer versions.

I didn't want to mess with the code, so this is a bit of a hack to get around the fact that the links in wiki-produced HTML are always to Wiki.jsp.

''This is likely an incomplete set of instructions; if you use this, please fill in what I'm leaving out.''

*Pick or create a new directory in your web server's visible structure where some files will go. I'll refer to that directory as ''/foo''.
*Make sure that your XML-RPC connection is on, and that the hula.jar directory is in the WEB-INF/lib directory that foo will use.
*Copy the attached Wiki.jsp file on this page to /foo. __Do not copy this over the Wiki.jsp that your normal Wiki uses!__ You'll need to change line 9 to point to the location of your Wiki's XML-RPC URL is, and edit line 45 to point to where your JSPWiki install is.
*Edit the LeftMenu.jsp that your JSPWiki uses to include a link to /foo/Wiki.jsp. For example, i put mine at the end of the file, so that

<!-- End of automatically generated page -->
<BR/><A HREF="/foo/Wiki.jsp?page=<%=pagereq%>">Hide Menu</A><BR/>
<!-- End of automatically generated page -->
*You'll likely want to restart the server, just so that it will recompile the pages to include the modified LeftMenu.jsp.
*Now view a some page in the Wiki, and click the Hide Menu item you just added.
*You will likely get some complaints about missing .js files, so copy them from your JSPWiki installation into foo until they go away.
*You should see the same Wiki page you started at, but with no menu, and a Show Menu link at the top. Links to other pages should also have no menu.
*Click the Show Menu link, and you should get back to the fully editable Wiki page.




Undoubtedly useful. I'd say there's a real need for presenting just the page contents
(and maybe even generating interesting things out of them such as PDF, PS... what else?) 
that a real API call might be warranted. More on this on a saner day.. --[ebu]

Relatedly, I'll mention the PrintWiki sample app included in [Hula], which allows you to pick a bunch of pages and present them on one page. And it works for any Wiki that supports the [Wiki RPC Interface], not just JSPWiki. Doesn't do any file conversions, though; that's for someone with a stronger constitution than I. -- MahlenMorris


The way I solved this same problem was to create  .jsp page called Printer.jsp which essentially only loaded the actual page.  Then I made a small plugin which gave you a link to the current page, but instead of Wiki.jsp it used Printer.jsp.

This was a very ugly way of doing printable wiki pages.  ++ NiiloNeuvo

I've done that with css print media which is very basic at this moment but works just fine for me.
See PrintMediaCasecadeStyleSheetPatch 
-- PhilipVanBogaert

I am getting an error on pagereq. Anyone know how this gets resolved?

<A HREF="/contrib/Wiki.jsp?page=<%=pagereq%>">Hide Menu</A>

.caucho.jsp.JspParseException: /templates/local/LeftMenu.jsp:34: cannot resolve symbol symbol : variable pagereq location: class _templates._local._viewtemplate__jsp out.print((pagereq)); ^ /templates/local/LeftMenuFooter.jsp:24: cannot resolve symbol symbol : variable pagereq location: class _templates._local._viewtemplate__jsp out.print((pagereq)); ^ 2 errors