Iterates through the change history of the page.

The "current page" always becomes the particular version of the page currently in iteration.



<wiki:~HistoryIterator id="<variable name>">
;:''HTML or JSP''


;__id__: Name of the variable to create.

    <wiki:HistoryIterator id="currentPage">
                 <wiki:LinkTo version="<%=Integer.toString(currentPage.getVersion())%>">


            <td><wiki:Author /></td>
            <td><wiki:PageSize /></td>

            <wiki:PageType type="page">
                     <% if( currentPage.getVersion() > 1 ) { %>
                     <wiki:DiffLink version="<%=Integer.toString(currentPage.getVersion())%>" 
                        from version <%=currentPage.getVersion()-1%> to <%=currentPage.getVersion()%>
                     <% } %>

Q: How can a i display the page history blockwise. E.g. I would like to display only the first 50 versions an, if there are more a button with "Display next 50 versions!" gets visible. [Heinz-Josef L├╝cking]

A: Can't think of an easy way to do it...  Could you please make an [idea|SubmitNewIdea] out of it and remove this? --JanneJalkanen