JSPWiki and Skype (and perhaps other VoIP clients)#

JSPWiki can support the 'callto:' protocol by using an easy kludge. (The following description assumes you're using Tomcat).
  1. Set up an interwiki entry in the jspwiki.properties
    • Edit the jspwiki.properties file in the WEB-INF directory with the text editor of your choice
    • Search for the "jspwiki.interWikiRef.*" entries and add the following lines
      • # Support for Skype
      • jspwiki.interWikiRef.callto =callto:%s
    • Either stop and start the webapp or stop and start Tomcat
  2. Add the page of your choice and use either of the following wiki source examples:
    • "Call this number [callto:+41 123 4567]" or much better...
    • "You can [call me|callto:+41 123 4567] at work"

And Bob's your uncle.

Sorry I cannot put a live example on this page because the callto: entry has not been made in the jspwiki.properties file on this site.

Note to Janne, you might want to think about adding this to the list of protocols that are automatically recogized. Oh, and thanks for the hard work!!

--Kwhittingham, 2008-12-25

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