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Wanted to say thanks for this and note that the wiki search is not throwing back the page.
Also would like to ask about why the FCK editor does not seem to work with comments? In the local installations we have done, it works great for the page content, but as soon as we try the comment page it just inserts the word "null" for the comment text, along with the time and the user name. 

--Tomaso Pye, 31-Dec-2007

Hi Tomaso,

Not sure what you mean by the wiki search -- searching for 'FCK' seems to return the integration instructions page for me. Regarding the issue with the comments, I can confirm that it is a bug. I've created a bug report for it: []. 

--David Au, 01-Jan-2008

Hello! I have a question about FCKeditor.

How can I pick attached Images with FCKEditor the way like it is in WikiWizard for inserting???

--Tom M, 13-Mar-2008


That feature does not exist with the FCKeditor. I believe it's only available with WikiWizard.

--David Au, 15-Mar-2008


I've been using the FCK editor to set up a template page. When I try to clone the page, however, the FCK editor instead pulls up a blank page. Is cloning not permitted while using FCK editor or is there a fix for this?

--AnonymousCoward, 04-Aug-2008

Yup, the clone function is not supported with the FCKeditor.

--David Au 04-Aug-2008


Hi, i just 21/08/2008 test the installation of FCKEditor with JSPWiki 2.6.3 and here is my feedback :
* the wiki "" wasn't up to date and FCKEditor installation is so poor documented here or so there was no reference to this [HowToManuallyIntegrateFCKEditor] page; i add an url to this page.
* i success install FCKEditor (2.6.2 and not 2.6.3) and the jar file.. but it seems don't execute on firefox 3.0.1 (run well on IE7)

On Firefox it's probably a MyPrefs cookie setting bug? i see FCK as choice in editor listbox, but when i come back to MyPref, "plain" is always selected.
Do you know what i miss ? (so .. my firefox settings accept the cookie)

--AnonymousCoward, 21-Aug-2008


We have 2.8.1 installed and FCK editor
 keeps adding # characters to headings
 Has anyone else experienced this? , the plain editor works fine

--AnonymousCoward, 26-Feb-2009 15:31

Please refer to the page [Fix Hash Link Editing using FCKEditor] for the hash (#) characters added to the headings.

--[Kevin Yuen]

We have 2.8.1 installed, and as I read [here|HowToManuallyIntegrateFCKEditor] it should already be integrated. When I look in to the js folder i can see fckeditor scripts and all, but I can not select it on the user preference screen.

--Alex Jonk
;:Did you execute step 3: ''Download the FCK.jar file attached to this page and place it in your $JSPWiki_Home/WEB-INF/lib/ directory.'' This will make sure the new editor type is known to jspwiki. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]


The new version 3.0 of the ckeditor (formerly fckeditor) has been released. Is it possible to integrate it into jspwiki?

--Lukas Weberruss, 25-Aug-2009 13:26

FCKeditor saves pages in wiki markup. Is there any way to save pages as html ? 

-- Shrirang, 08-Sept-2009

I'm having trouble integrating CKEdit.

I'm using SimpleJSPWiki, whose README says it contains JSPWiki 2.8.2

I tried to integrate CKEditor 3.3.1. I got the problem that SAVE would not work. I downkloaded Xerces-J-bin.2.10.0, extracted xercesImpl.jar and put it at C:\wiki\tomcat\webapps\wiki\WEB-INF\lib as directed (doing nothing with the rest of the jar file).

Now JSPWiki won't boot. The backtrace begins like this:

Jul 18, 2010 7:39:06 PM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init
INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: ...

I'm guessing that the trick of copying just that one jar file assumes you have
the rest of Xerces already in your JSPWiki installation, and that SimpleJSPWiki 
does not in fact include that stuff.

Does anyone know if that's correct? Or if it is not, then how to proceeed 
successfully to integrate CKEditor into the SimpleJSPWiki setup? Or whether
some other version of CKEdit/FCKEdit would work?

Jim Goodwin, 19-Jul-2010

A: I had to copy all four of the jar files into the lib folder before it worked for me.
The problem I am having is that:
* when viewing a page the left menu is on the left (as it should be)
* when editing a page with the plain editor the left menu is on the left (as it should be)
* when editing a page with FCK the left menu is on the left (as it should be)
* when editing a page with CK the left menu is *below* the edit window and empty space to the left

That doesn't seem right - does it work for anyone else?

Jerry Jeremiah, 10-10-10