A developer asked me how to organize wiki pages. I realized that is a good question! Any thoughts?

In my group, we list all of the major categories of pages in the LeftMenu, and then allow users to drill down from there to specific topics of interest.

For example, we have a "JavaJumpStart" link in the LeftMenu that takes you to a "Getting Started with Java" page. That page then contains links like "Design your code" (which takes you to a Java design best practices page) and "Unit test your code" (which takes you to a Java unit test best practices page). The "Unit test your code" page then drills down into topics like JUnit and Clover, both of which have their own page.

Hope this helps.

-- Theosophe74

Ok, here's my attempt so far. HowToOrganizeWiki.


All Wikis that I've created myself have had severe rearrangement changes after short time. After that they've been somewhat stable. They now usually are short CamelCase Words because they are easy to remember for links, but in more than some cases are displayed as complete (different) sentences. The CamelCase words contain a first categorization, because some wikis contain "LikePages", that find pages that contain fragments, that the current page also has.

I believe it is good style if pages categorize themselves with containing keywords like CategoryFaq, CategorySomething and the page CategorySomething contains automatical back links to all pages that link to it.

(As I'm using a number of different wiki implementations the used feature names may or may not be the same as in JspWiki, feel free to edit the comment if that makes it clearer to people with JspWiki-background)

If that makes it clearer: Take a look at: http://portal.opensta.org/faq.php


Consistent naming convention along with a taxonomy-based structure will help you organize a Wiki. test

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