!!Steps to be followed for deploying the war file using Tomcat.

# Oracle as a database should be available. \\
## Also corresponding data model has already been created in database. \\
    This can be done executing SQL-queries present name is __"Oracle_SQL_Script.txt"__ download and run in the Oracle.
## Along with this please ensure that corresponding __classes12.jar,__ __classes12.zip,__ __& classes111.jar__ files are available in SYSTEM CLASSPATH. \\
  Because these will be required at the time of running the application to register 
  JDBC driver. These files can be found under following directory: - \\
     __%ORACLE_HOME%/oracle/ora90/jdbc/lib__ \\
# Tomcat as a application server (Tomcat 5.0 or Tomcat 4.0) \\
# JDK 1.4 or 1.5 should be installed. \\
 (Because source code present in current application is being compiled using jdk1.4’s  compiler. So it can run in both Tomcat 4.x with jdk1.4 as well as Tomcat 5.x with jdk1.5)\\
     If any other lower __java (jdk)__ version is being used then source code could be required to be re-compiled.

__Steps to be followed to deploy the application: -__

# Dump the attached inventory.war file (to be deployed) in standard webapps folder (available under %TOMCAT_HOME%) of tomcat.
# Start the server. (Starting tomcat server will result in creation of inventory folder corresponding to the inventory.war application deployed).
# Stop server.
# Navigate to folder inventory (%TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps/inventory/WEB-INF).
# Edit the file __“connection.properties”__ available in above-mentioned path. Change settings (values) available for various key properties __''(Host, Port, SID, Username & Password)''__ corresponding to the TNS-ENTRY for the connection where data model (tables, sequences etc.) has been created.\\ A Sample “connection.properties” files is embedded as below, and can be seen as a simple text file using notepad.\\
# Re-start the server after changing the connection settings corresponding to following: - Host, Port, SID, Username & Password.
# After re-starting the server application can be tested navigation to following URL in a browser. \\
[http://systemIP(e.g 8080)/inventory]