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Date16-Sep-2006 18:51:11 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4.53
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Users can tag wiki pages using some tags I think is it very cool! Tag is a kind of category.:)
Yes, tagging is something we would certainly like to support eventually... 3.0 feature? --JanneJalkanen, 19-Mar-2007
Definitely would like tag support. It'll make it easier for us to create knowledge base --AndyShen, 22-May-2007 Andy & Janne, The work I've been doing is to add an "assertions architecture" to JSPWiki. It's not something simple like adding metadata-based tags or keywords to a wiki page (which might certainly be a viable approach) but integrates "tagging" with an entire category system built out of asserted statements that link one wiki page to another via a predicate (e.g., subject + predicate + object):

     [{Assert [Automobile] KindOf [Vehicle] }]

Tagging then becomes an asserted property and part of a logical graph structure, e.g.,

     [{Assert [Automobile] ="Car" }]
     [{Tags cars car auto automobile automotive design technology }]

With the second a possible alternate syntax or shorthand (I've not finalised the syntax for property assertions). You'll note that a tag is basically an assertion of a keyword without any predicate, i.e., we don't know what the relationship is between the tag and the original subject, we just know there's some relationship. A wiki probably can use both typed and untyped assertions as a basis of classification. The tags could still be propagated out to a page's <meta> elements to make it available for harvesting, but having the tags be more than simple strings in a system allows them to become part of a more powerful classification system, very much like Faceted Classification as used in libraries, where tags become facets. -- MurrayAltheim, 22-May-2007

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