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TitleAnti-Spam automatic graduation to TrustedEditor group
Date21-Oct-2006 13:04:23 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4.56
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Idea StatusNewIdea

JSPWiki is great, though I believe it's too easy to join and update. I am currently modifying my Wiki such that new users have to be validated before they get to modify the Wiki.

The only validation I can currently manage is me manually entering new users into either a NewEditors group (having "comment") or a TrustedEditors group (having "edit").

I plan to upgrade with work I did previously having seen it almost every where else including here, ie. forced to enter a valid email, and then reply to an automated email, then automatically getting into the NewEditors group (ie. "comment" only). Entering a garbled code would also help.

Sufficient accepted suitable comments then allow progression to the TrustedEditors group, this could also be automated.

Regards, Geoff

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